Seychelles Safari

For those looking to “get away from it all,” the Seychelles may be the perfect escape. The Seychelles is an archipelago, a group of exquisite, unspoiled islands that lie in the Western Indian Ocean situated northeast of Madagascar and 1,100 miles east of Kenya. This geographical isolation has had ecological consequences, as much of the Seychelles flora and fauna cannot be found anywhere else on earth. Most visitors are drawn to the scintillating beaches and turquoise waters that dot the sea like a white pearl necklace. The coral atolls encompass giant lagoons, full of marine wildlife. The islands had no indigenous people and are now composed of people who have immigrated from African, Asian and European cultures.

There is an abundance of activities available in the Seychelles including visits to national parks, bird watching, fly fishing, sailing, beach-going as well as all the water sports. Snorkeling, scuba diving and deep-sea fishing make for a lovely holiday for the whole family. You can rent a jeep or moped to jaunt around your choice of islands engaging in your favorite activities with total freedom and privacy.

Mahe is the largest island and home to the international airport, the capital city, Victoria and 85% of all Seychelles residents. It is surrounded by coral reefs, making its powdery white sandy beaches optimal for a dream island vacation. The Seychelles possesses a reliable national airline, Air Seychelles, which makes island hopping fast and fun.

Aldabra is the second-largest atoll in the world comprising more than a dozen islands bordered by a vast lagoon. Aldabra has earned the distinction as UNESCO World Heritage Site by prominent naturalists due to its pristine coral reef ecosystems and is still protected from full-scale tourism. The atoll’s islands nurture a vast array of both unique flora and fauna as well as the world’s largest population of 150,000 giant tortoises and its lagoon boasts the most vibrant marine life of the entire archipelago.

Praslin Island, a small granite island billed as the original site of the “Garden of Eden” for its incredible variety of plants, 100 of which are endemic to Pralin and neighboring islands. Particularly well-known is the Coco de Mer, a species of palm that grows only on the islands of Praslin and Curieuse.


The Seychelles have long been a favorite destination of many ornithologists eager to catch a sighting of some rare breeds. The main islands are the world’s oldest granitic ocean islands. Antiquity means a high level of endemism while oceanic isolation means huge seabird colonies. The Seychelles hosts some of the largest seabird colonies in the world including the sooty tern, fairy tern, white-tailed tropicbird, noddies and frigatebirds. There is also a remarkably high number of migrant species making up almost three-quarters of the species on the Seychelles, so you never know what you might see.

La Digue, a quaint little island, is renowned for its stunning beaches. The array of deserted beaches, each seemingly more beautiful than the next, is exquisite. Visitors are especially attracted to Anse Source d’Argent or the shores of L’Union Estates, considered two of the most beautiful and unique beaches in the world.

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Diving in the Seychelles

Perhaps one of the most alluring characteristics of the Seychelles is the clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean that surround the islands. The stunning topography of expansive reefs, walls, pinnacles, drop-offs, wrecks and canyons make for one of the most diverse marine environments around, teeming with fish and coral life. Around the inner reefs, marine life you can expect to see angelfish, butterflyfish, octopus, lionfish, nudibranchs and mantis shrimp. Slightly further out, schools of humphead parrotfish, stingrays, reef sharks green turtles and hawksbill turtles are common. Sailfish, silvertip, oceanic whitetip and nurse sharks, manta rays and whale sharks are more common around the remoter outer islands – you may even be able to spot the occasional hammerhead shark if you’re lucky!

Fly Fishing on Alphone Atolls

The magnificent island threesome comprising of Alphonse, St François and Bijoutier lies in the very heart of the Indian Ocean as part of the Seychelles outer islands. Considered a fly angler’s paradise, the expansive flats surrounding the Alphonse atolls provide the fly-fishing experience of a lifetime. This spectacular wilderness has ten thousand acres of hard white sand flats, which provide easy wading and world-class sight-fishing. The Alphonse group is one of the most famed saltwater fly-fishing destinations in the Indian Ocean and is one of the most prolific Bonefish fisheries in the world. The atolls are home to incredibly large populations of Bonefish and 3 different types of Triggerfish, Barracuda, Snapper, Grouper, Permit, Parrotfish, 8 species of Trevally (including the Giant Trevally), and the incomparable Milkfish. This diversity gives anglers the opportunity to target a myriad of different species during their stay.

Climate in Seychelles

The Seychelles boasts an average annual temperature of 84°F (29°C) making it a perfect tropical destination.

Suggested Seychelles Safari Activities

  • Spend your honeymoon or special anniversary in complete privacy and luxury, pampering yourselves at one the exclusive, five-star resorts on North Island, Dennis or Mahe Islands.
  • Explore the unique flora and palm forest at the Vallée de Mai nature reserve on the small granite Island of Pralin, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Catch the fish of your dreams, whether it be a sailfish or marlin on a beautiful deep-sea fishing rig outfitted and staffed just for you
  • See the Giant Tortoises and diversity of marine life on the island of Aldabra
  • Cruise the Islands on your own or with a crew via sailboat, yacht or catamaran
  • Explore the inner islands (Bird, Dennis, Mahe, La Diga, Pralin) to catch a glimpse of some of the Seychelles endemic and rare bird species
  • Go island-hopping by plane or boat
  • Explore the National Botanical Garden on Mahe Island to see a wide collection of exotic and endemic tropical plants, most of which can only be seen here
  • Experience the best bonefish saltwater fly fishing in the Indian Ocean on the Alphonse Atoll
  • Jaunt around your choice of islands on your own private jeep
  • Dive amongst the plethora of marine life in the tranquil turquoise waters on a large selection of coral reefs around the islands
  • Cycle to, picnic and bask in the sun on your own exquisite white sand beach for the ultimate beach experience


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